Why You’re Not Getting Any Job Interviews (+ What To Do About It)

Sending out lots of applications but not getting a response?

There are lots and lots of reasons why you may not be getting phone calls for phone interviews or job interviews,  but in today’s post, I want to focus on factors that can be (more or less) easily controlled.

#1: You’re not actually applying for jobs.

People are surprised to learn that many many of the folks that I work with come to me because they’re not applying to any jobs at all. They’re scrolling through job sites, unhappy at work and wishing for a new job — but that’s not a job search.

Here’s the deal:  most successful job searches require multiple applications submitted in a strategic way.  it’s not enough to scour the internet looking for job postings, you must take the time to customize your materials and hit submit.  I know that preparing for a job search when you are already exhausted and burned out in your current job is an enormous challenge.

If you’re only applying to one job here and there you may not be giving yourself an opportunity to connect with potential employers or the right kind of jobs.

How to fix it: If this sounds like you, you should absolutely join us over in the Career Design Lab + Studio so that you can see how others are breaking big projects into small, actionable steps (just sign up at the bottom of this post to get your invite!). Don’t be afraid to start small. Even fifteen minutes a day is better than nothing at all.

#2:  Your resume and cover letter are boring.

Most people don’t customize their resume and cover letter besides changing the name of the employer or the hiring manager (and honestly, you’d be surprised how many people forget to do that! ).

When you submit your resume and cover letter for a position you must imagine being on the receiving end and having to read all the materials that are coming your way.  what would it feel like to have to read 150 or 200 different applications to the same position?

It would feel pretty boring.

But there’s also an opportunity there for you to share a compelling narrative about your own career, that connects with the reader and shows that you are uniquely qualified to fill the position.

If you do not take the time to identify the attributes, talents, skills, and experiences that make you an excellent match for the positions that you’re applying for, your application materials will get lost in the mix because you will sound just like everyone else.

On the other hand, if you take the time to carefully review the job posting, identify the needs of the hiring manager, and customize both your resume and cover letter to highlight the skills they are looking for,  you  you will appear both interesting and qualified.

How to fix it: This is exactly what I help people to do in the Career Audit + Strategy Session. If you need help re-branding your experience for the types of jobs that interest you, book in with me!

#3: Because the hiring manager is busy/sick/on vacation

What are the things that I get asked about most often is why it take so long for a hire to be made.

Because people are busy.

HR representatives help facilitate the job search process, but most of the responsibility for reviewing candidates phone screening and in-person interviews falls to the team that is doing the hiring.

That means that people doing most of the work are professionals with other areas of expertise – other people to manage, other projects to work on, multiple responsibilities and often totally different strengths.

Hiring managers and search committees get holidays, take vacations and need sick time.

On top of that, many large organizations have a very strict process for getting approval to post jobs, phone screen candidates and bring candidates in for interviews.

In short, if you don’t hear back right away — or even if you never hear back at all — don’t take it personally. I don’t think it’s right to make candidates wait week to hear about the position, but given the demands in the work lives’ of the people who are most responsible for the search, it definitely happens.

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