Wouldn't it feel good to have a plan?

Career burn out and overwhelm are real.

The solution?

How about a confidence boosting strategic plan carefully designed to help you meet your goals?

Whether you need some quick insight and strategy for the perfect job that’s just been posted or you’re ready to dig deep to figure out your next steps, my services designed to yield interviews, job offers, and even, new businesses.

I currently work with people in four ways:


Not sure if your job search is headed in the right direction? Launch: 30 Day Career Jumpstart is for professionals who need a little coaching + strategy to make the most of their job search.

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Learn how   to   confidently   convey   your   strengths   and   attributes   (including your transferable skills!) and identify career opportunities for growth. Elevate your job search + career prospects in just 8 weeks.

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If you’re looking to make a bigger change your work, you need to explore the possibilities before you can identify your transferable skills and build a path forward. In Explore, I’ll walk you through a process to learn how to assess your career options and be a stand out applicant.

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Transform: 6 month career coaching and strategy







Career burnout, overwhelm and confusion require a extra strength dose of coaching, strategy, support and accountability. When it’s time for a big change (when any change seems impossible), it’s time for Transform.

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A unique program that will help you challenge yourself, realize your dreams and connect you with others doing the same.  Whatever you are looking to do, be it an online store or new business venture, this program will be a step (or a few!) closer to getting you there.

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Let us help you how to make the RIGHT first impression. What should be on your resume? What social media sites can you utilize? From updating your resume, to your online presence, we can help you to stand out in the crowd.  Learn how to look amazing on paper & online.

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A la carte services are also available: Resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, and leadership coaching for managers may be available. Email jenn@workwonderscoaching.com for more information.