Wonder Worker TV: Shannon Mattern

Wonder Worker: Shannon Mattern

When I launched my business, I scrambled to find the easiest, cheapest, and fastest possible way to get a website up.

Well, guess what?

It turns out that the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way isn’t always the best way.

Before long, I was trying to figure out how to build a WordPress site for my growing business. I have zero technical skills and wasn’t sure how to move forward to create a professional looking site, without investing in a pricey professional service.

One day, while poking around on Facebook, I happened to see Shannon Mattern post in a group about a free challenge that she was running for her business: a free, five day challenge on building a WordPress website.

I signed up immediately and got to work building this very site.

And, it turns out, that I was the first person to sign up for Shannon’s challenge and we’ve gotten to know each other, as we’ve built up our work in the last year or so.

Shannon and I had a lot in common. We both had careers in the non-profit world, we were both at the early stages of launching a business.

Oh, and we both watched a lot of Real Housewives.

When I decided to start interviewing multi-talented, multi-passionate people with super cool professional stories, I knew that Shannon Mattern, founder of WP-BFF, would have to be on the list.

In just over a year, she’s built an amazing community of business owners who are DIY-ing their WordPress sites.

She learned to think and grow beyond her job title to really envision a career — and a business — that uses all of her strengths. And she also serves small business owners, saving us literally thousands of dollars by making the site building process easy. 

In this interview, you’ll learn how Shannon…

  • …went from a “Groundhog Day” lifestyle to launching her very own (and very successful) business on the side
  • …honed in on her expertise, rather than her “job,” and how that helped her think more creatively about her career (this is super important for people like my clients…check it out at 4:08)
  • …why she wishes she invested in a coach sooner (I swear, I didn’t prompt her to say it…but I totally agree with her on this!)
  • …what to do when things don’t work
  • …how she finds balance, and even a symbiotic relationship between her day job and her side business, and the fears she had around telling her boss and co-workers what she was up to on her own
  • …why she can’t really remember her mistakes, even though she knows that she’s made them
  • …and her advice to her 22 year old self (it’s pretty important)


Join Shannon’s 5 Day WordPress Challenge


Shannon mentions a weekly planner that I talked about in the Work Wonders Facebook. You can find a similar one here.

Shannon’s favorite productivity app, Any.Do

Many, many thanks to my future brother-in-law and video editor extraordinaire, Kevin, for editing this interview and creating a super fancy intro. Check out more of his work right over here.

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  1. Great interview! I love hearing people’s stories, and I so admire Shannon’s ability to manage a day job with building her vision.

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