Let’s unlock your full potential.


I’m Jenn and I help people land new jobs and get more done.

For the last three years, I’ve worked one-on-one with creative and talented professionals just like you launch job searches that yield interviews and offers.



You’ve probably been balancing multiple obligations for years – creative projects, volunteering, side business.


Doing just one thing was never your style.


But with so many obligations, you haven’t been able to get real traction doing what you love.


With so many starts and stops, it’s hard to feel like you’re really moving forward.


Welcome to the Pursuit Mastermind, a transformative 4 month experience that moves those ideas and passion from the back burner to front of your plate.


It’s time to create the space and time to unlock your full potential.


Three years after launching Work Wonders while working full time, I totally get how challenging it can be focus on your passion project and big ideas when you’re already leading a busy life.


But I also know what it feels like when you that big idea just won’t go away.


That’s why I’ve put together a group program to help people just like you lay the foundation for personal and professional growth and success.


The Pursuit Mastermind is for you if:


  • You’re tired of feeling like your not maximizing your talent and your time and you’re not afraid of a little challenge
  • You have a passion project/creative project/side hustle that you’re ready to take the next level or you’ve had one on your mind for a while and it’s time to get started.
  • You’re willing and ready to collaborate and engage with people across different fields to take your work to the next level.


Here’s what’s included when you join us:


  • Exercises, challenges, and activities designed to help you clarify your goals, build confidence in your vision and skills and help create a road map to drive your vision forward.


  • Twice monthly group video calls: Join me and your Mastermind colleagues (soon to be friends!) as we take turns processing our goals, brainstorming and strategizing together.


  • Digital group forum: Because your life is 24/7, so is your support! Our digital group form will allow us to share ideas, feedback and obstacles to help you troubleshoot any obstacles you may encounter.


  • Optional digital retreat days: Need some motivation to work on the weekends? Well, we’ll be doing it too, so join us and let’s co-work together (from wherever you already are!). (These will take place in the weekend to accommodate those of working 9-5!)


The investment for Pursuit Mastermind is $149/m for four months and starts February 2017.




Want to join us? Join the waitlist here.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Does the Mastermind meet in person or virtually?


All official sessions will meet online and you can participate from the comfort of your home or office.


  1. What counts as a passion project?


I want people who are excited and passionate about their work above and beyond their job and want to meet, work and collaborate with like minded professionals. So…we’re flexible.


It could be a writing or craft project, a non profit or activist work, an Etsy store, freelancing or something else all together! If you want to talk more about your idea email me at jenn@workwonderscoaching.com


  1. What if I have an idea but I haven’t really gotten started yet?


The Mastermind is totally appropriate for beginners. We’ll help you lay the foundation.



Doors open in January 2018. Be the first to know by signing up for our waitlist here.