You’re Not Getting Stuff Done.

Here's why you're really not getting stuff done (and what to do about it)

You’re not getting stuff done that you really want to pursue or accomplish.

It’s frustrating and annoying to be in a state of want – wanting the outcome of things (i.e. a new job!) but not holding up your end of the deal by focusing on the process.

About half of my clients come to me after wanting to have started the job search process on their own.

But they just weren’t taking substantive action to make that happen on their own.

It’s so frustrating to not get sh*t done that you really do want to happen and it can be pretty difficult to figure how why doing the work is so hard

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Get sh*t done for real!

This free worksheet will coach you through your obstacles + help you create a plan for productivity you can actually implement. What are you waiting for??

Listen, there are probably a lot of reasons why you’re not getting stuff done.

I’m not a mind reader, but I have certainly noticed some patterns over the last few years of working with people one on one.

So I’m going to focus this particular post on two little gremlins that are total productivity killers: procrastination and perfectionism.

These two are a troublesome pair indeed.

I work with super talented and ambitious people so I am very familiar with how procrastination and perfectionism can derail serious efforts for change.

But fear not! Here are some strategies that I use with clients and I know they’ll help you too, if you implement them consistently.

Not getting stuff done? Try *really* small steps.

It would be amazing if you suddenly had a free day to tackle your to do list.

I’m sure if you wait long enough, you’ll eventually have a free afternoon to update your resume, write your cover letter, hit the gym, and catch up on all the tasks that have piled up for you.

But you don’t have to wait.

Perfectionists want to create perfect work right away.

Productive people get started right away.

You don’t need to wait for the perfect time or for when you have it all figured out to get started.

And thank goodness for that, right?

Try setting very small goals to help get you started to help create momentum.

Very Ambitious People might scoff at small steps – but small steps help you create successful habits, creating success in the long run.

(I did a whole 10 minute Facebook Live video on turning time into your ally that focuses on using time and consistency to achieve your goals. It’s over on YouTube. If you feel like you struggle with time and stress, definitely check that out.)

Give yourself permission to make mistakes.

Before I started my first blog, I was really worried about missing typos. Eventually, I decided that I was going to hit “publish” before even checking for typos.

The point of my posts aren’t to show everyone what a great copy writer I am. The point is to share what I know about coaching, work and professional development. I can’t do that if my fear of making trivial errors gets in the way of my writing.

Whatever you’re ready for, you’ll probably make mistakes along the way.

But that’s part of the process of trying.

Instead of fearing mistakes, give yourself permission to make them in advance! Isn’t achieving your goal worth making a few mistakes along the way!

Say goodbye to black and white thinking.

When we plan new goals, we often see two possible outcomes: complete success or total and utter failure.

Either vision can be scary, causing analysis-paralysis and procrastination, but the truth is that your journey, and the outcome, won’t look like what you’re imagining anyways.
The trick is to ditch the black and white thinking and focus on the process.

(If that feels challenging for you, I wrote about my favorite coaching question for defeating black and white thinking right over here.)

Instead of being driven by visions of total success or apocalyptic failure, consider employing a mindset that focuses on curiosity and even playfulness. This allows your path to be driven by your desire for change rather than unrealistic outcomes.

My advice is not to worry so much about defeating procrastination and perfectionism once and for all. These little gremlins pop up every once in a while for everyone, no matter how confident or motivated you might be.

It’s helpful to start by simply noticing when you feel like you’re experiencing them and then remind yourself that the swiftest way to move forward to take action.

Get sh*t done for real!

This free worksheet will coach you through your obstacles + help you create a plan for productivity you can actually implement. What are you waiting for??

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