3 Reasons You Make Time for a Mid Year Review

It's time for your mid year review

It’s hard to believe that the year is half over.

If you’re part of the Work Wonders Career Design Lab + Studio, you already know that I do quarterly check ins with myself to see how my annual goals (aka resolutions) are going.

It’s fun — and much easier! — to do a review when you know you’re totally on top of things.

But…we both know that’s not always the case.

A mid year review can still be really helpful, even if you haven’t looked at your goals since January.

Here’s why:

  • During a review, you can assess obstacles that have gotten in the way of your goals. Instead of feeling bad about what you haven’t done, you can use your review time to figure out how to create an action plan (and I have a whole post about how to create a plan of action right over here!).
  • Maybe your goals have changed. If something has fallen by the wayside, maybe it isn’t because you’re too busy. Maybe it’s because your priorities have changed. Use this time to check in and see what’s important now.
  • You might have underestimated how challenging your New Year’s resolution could be! Now is a great time to ask for support from friends, family, and colleagues if that’s what you need to take the next step.

The bottom line is this: making a ton of progress towards your goals isn’t a prerequisite for a review.

There is still plenty of time to create the space and the time to work on what matters to you.

Grab your free worksheet below and let me know what your next action step will be!

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