Making Life Work With Shari Hallas

Making Life Work with Shari Hallas

In honor of our podcast, Making Life Work, we are interviewing our favorite creative and ambitious people. We’ve asked them to share their own schedules, obstacles and strategies for balancing work and life.

This interview with Shari Hallas, music teacher, songwriter and singer, student and parent.

Name: Shari Hallas

Job: music teacher  / songwriter/singer   / music therapy student / parent

Social Media Handles:; Facebook

Current passion project: Finishing my first year of master’s level education for music therapy

Tell us about a typical day for you.

Some days are work days and some are school days….

A good day is getting up with 15-20 min of quiet time to sit in silence, breathe deeply, listen and pray.   A not so good day is jumping straight into the shower to wake up!

School work, music lessons (teaching), making meals for 2 teenagers, walking a dog, communicating with family, maybe songwriting or practicing for my classes.

On school days, biking to the T, going to class in morning. Working all afternoon on papers and presentations.  Home for dinner and collapsing.

Weekends I try to recoup, maybe visit a friend, get out into nature.

Sundays church and clean up to do it all over again.

What are your major responsibilities right now, in work + life? How do you balance them?

School, family, and health.

Well, they are not that balanced right now.   If they were, I would be doing some sort of cardio 4-5x week with some weights, consistent morning quiet time, and going to sleep earlier.  It’s a lot about how I am treating my body right now that makes difficult.

Do you have any habits or rituals that help you prepare for the week?

I make lots of lists.

What do you do to relax?

Yoga, quiet time, deep breathing, music and walks in the woods with my big dog and helpful!

What do you do to “right” yourself if you get thrown off balance?

Well, tonight I am trying to go to bed on time….that determines my outlook for tomorrow!

What sort of activities or relationships fuel or support you?

Listening to music, talking with a friend, praying with a friend.

How would you describe your general mindset?

I am an anxious person to begin with, but I have done a lot of work on that.  I know I can be happier if I’m healthier.  So right now, I have a weary mindset, often with anxiety, but I am hopeful, as the term is almost over.

What is your favorite thing to do? 

Sing and walk.  (not together, though it has happened☺)

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