How to Plan Your Own Retreat Day


I’ve experimented with fitting my business into my life in a few different ways.

Weekends, early mornings, evenings.

Even on my lunch break at my day job.

But without a doubt, retreat days have been the best way for me to truly be productive while working full time.

The purpose of having a retreat day is to set aside time to work on your own projects and your personal development.

Instead of focusing on to do lists and what I can get done, retreat days incorporate learning and my agenda focuses on things that I enjoy doing – so it never feels too much like work!

Most of my retreat days are spent working on my business.

It’s been a great way for me to create the time to write blog posts and newsletters and to develop workshops.

But it’s also been a time for me to watch tutorials on building a website, catch up on relevant reading, and continue to my own learning and training.

You don’t need a business for retreat days to work for you.

Retreat days are great for job seekers or people who take their career seriously and want to spend time updating their resume or LinkedIn profile.

They’re also great for creative people who need to create space in a busy schedule or anyone thinking about launching a side hustle.

I’m so excited for you to give retreat days a try that I created a totally free Retreat Day Planner + Guide to help you get started. Click the button below to grab your copy!


Set an agenda

I include a starting time, an ending time, set times for each activity or task and, of course, meal + break times, just like a typical retreat would do.

(I have a sample agenda template in my free Retreat Day Planner + Guide. Want a copy? Just click here and I’ll send you mine!)

Don’t just hustle. Learn!

Even though it’s super easy to get bogged down in a to do list, what makes retreat days unique (and not just work days) is the focus on development and learning.

For me, that meant learning WordPress and other tech I needed to run my business, and also, setting aside time to read material on coaching, career development, and more.

(The Retreat Day Planner + Guide has writing prompts to help you create an agenda that will move your goals forward.)


This is also the time that I do most of my writing, including newsletters and blog posts and work on my e-book and online course.

I always leave time for a little brainstorming too.

I always feel accomplished and motivated after a good writing session so I always include this in my retreat agenda.

Batch tasks

I always schedule an hour for tasks like invoicing clients and updating my social media pages.

Think about what this might look like for you.

Maybe it’s editing or sending out pitches, if you’re a writer.

Maybe it’s uploading product images and descriptions to Etsy.

Batching similar tasks together saves me a lot of time!

Set boundaries

Say “No!” to any invites that come up when you have a retreat day planned.

If you live with others, let them know your plans in advance so your time isn’t interrupted.

Honor the time that you’ve decided to focus on you and what you love!

And when you’re done working (because even if you love it, it’s still work, right?!), definitely make the time to relax and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

For me, that means putting the laptop away!

Don’t obsess over the details.

My retreat days are usually 6-7 hours long but they really don’t have to be.

Four hours could be a really great length for a retreat day as well. You can get a lot done with a 90 minute agenda.

Although I haven’t done it yet, I think it would be fun to do a retreat day with some friends, for extra accountability (plus you can do something fun and social afterwards to celebrate!).

Retreat days have been an important game-changer for my productivity.

I get to set aside time for what I love, be productive, be creative and learn new things. They’re really adaptable for any side project or hobby.

And don’t forget to download your free Retreat Day Planner + Guide to help you get started!

2 thoughts on “How to Plan Your Own Retreat Day

  1. After having a retreat day for myself a few months ago after you recommended it, I felt SO great. I’m itching for another one…. my partner is away on business for a day and a half Memorial Day weekend – I know what I’ll be doing 🙂

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