How to Get Unstuck at Work

How to get unstuck at work

Pretty much everyone faces burn out in the office and wonders how to get unstuck at work from time to time.

Perhaps you’ve hit a wall and you know it’s time to move on. Or maybe it’s time for something in your current work to shift or evolve.

Feeling unstuck means feeling focused, clear and productive. Here are my tips for making that happen.

Reflect on what’s working and what’s not working for you.

Are you burned out? Do you need a vacation?

If your life has become all about work, you might not need a new job but a new relationship with work. If you’re hoarding vacation days, consider using some to catch up on a personal stuff and to re-connect to hobbies and people that you love. A little balance can go a long way.

Change your thoughts.

The alternative to self limiting beliefs is to consider the possibilities.

Land your dream job but now hate it? Take a job for the money and decide you’d rather love what you do then drive a new car? Instead of failure, think of it as an opportunity to start over with a better understanding of your values.

Ask for help.

Reach out to friends, families and your professional network and let them know that you’re stressed and looking for support. Do you know someone who really loves their job? Drop them an email and see what’s working for them. It might help you realize what is missing for you!

Update your resume and cover letter.

The last thing you want is to see a great job show up on Indeed, only to not have your resume and cover letter ready to go (see more career mistakes over here!).

Be prepared to make a major change if necessary. I actually suggest that my clients update their cover letters and resumes quarterly, whether they are on the job market or not. You never know when the next great opportunity might come up!

Make time to focus on your well being

It’s common to experience fatigue, anxiety, and depression when you’re unhappy at work.

Taking care of your mental and physical well being might not help you land another job, but it will help take care of yourself in a way that supports the necessary actions you need to take to get unstuck. So whether you need to schedule regular coffee dates with friends, sign up for yoga or seek therapy, do what you have to do to try and keep the rest of your life intact and growing.

Not ready for any of these?

Small steps are a great way to start too!

Sign up with to have jobs sent to you each day. Spend some time volunteering your skills for an organization you’re really interested in. Set small goals and share them friends and ask them to help hold you accountable.

Everyone is entitled to a little pity party when they’re not happy at work.

But the faster you’re willing to try new strategies, the less “stuck” you’ll be feeling.

What are your strategies for getting unstuck? Is there something you’d like for me to cover in this series? Let me know in the comments!

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