How to Get Back on Track and Recommit to Your Goals

Ready to make progress for real? Let's get back on track and commit to your goals with this focus question!

Wonder Workers: it’s time to get back on track, focus on what matters and commit to your goals for good.

Are you with me?

I totally get it.

Health and fitness. Writing. Making time at night for your passion project or to grow your business. Applying to new jobs. Growing your network to help make a career transition.

These are things people schedule into their lives, not just because they have to do them, but because they really want the results in these areas of their lives.

Now, just because people value health or a great job doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to obtain these things.

It requires focus and some elbow grease. It requires time.

And this workshop I created to help you re-commit for real won’t hurt either so grab your copy and let’s get started.

Re-commit to your goals!

It's totally okay if you've gotten side tracked from your priorities. Let's get clear on what you want to accomplish and re-commit together.

First of all, let’s end the negative self talk.

I’ve been listening to the way my clients talk about themselves when they don’t accomplish their goals. They describe themselves as “lazy,” “lacking discipline,” “unmotivated,” or worse, they start thinking they’re “maybe not capable.”

My clients are a super impressive bunch! They aren’t any of these things!

You see, falling off the horse, so to speak, is part of the goal setting process.

Busy people have busy lives and multiple goals. An important goal doesn’t have to be your only goal – but

It’s totally normal to need to shift your focus to other things once in a while. The trick is to shift it back when we can.

So, here are some ideas: set reminders in your calendar, ask a friends to hold you accountable to making it a priority or hire a coach to help you make sure that important things get done.

You’re not lazy or unmotivated. You’ve got a lot going on.

Now, let’s find a nicer way to get sh*t done.

Instead of thinking that you’re not capable of achieving your goals in the context of a busy life (if that’s you, by the way, make sure you check out this post about goal setting for busy people), you’ve got to re-frame your check in with yourself.

Here’s mine:

“What will your future self thank you for?”

This is what I ask myself when I’m feeling tired, unmotivated or unsure of what to do next.

Shifting to thinking from how we feel right now to how we’d like to feel in the future can provide a friendly kick in the pants to get sh*t done.

It helps you think about what you need to do for yourself, not on what you’re lacking. Sometimes the answer to this question is that I need to stop doing and just relax! And if that’s the answer for you, you don’t need to feel guilty about it!

I’m not suggesting that asking yourself this question will help you produce work 24/7. Quite the opposite, actually.

Sometimes you’ve got to chill out and re-charge.

This question helps me be conscious of when I’m zoning out because I’m simply not focused and when I really just need to take a break.

By asking myself “What will my future self thank me for?” I can figure out if what I need is some time off or some time to re-group and get focused.

Next up: stop thinking in black and white.

If I try to choose between going to the gym or getting some writing in and I ask, “What will your future self thank you for?” I realize that I want to get some work done and get a workout in.

Then I can find another solution beyond just those two options: I can skip the gym (and the commute to the gym), walk around my neighborhood and still get some writing time in.

Failing to meet your daily or weekly goals is one thing, but feeling guilty about it might be even worse! Letting go of black and white thinking, or feeling like you’ve only got two options, can help you be creative and maximize your time and efforts.

Finally, remember, there are lots of ways to get back on track.

Because slow and steady is perfectly reasonable strategy. Instead of focusing on how little you get done each day, think of how your efforts will compound over time.

Try using this question next time you find yourself slipping into that negative self talk.


Re-commit to your goals!

It's totally okay if you've gotten side tracked from your priorities. Let's get clear on what you want to accomplish and re-commit together.

2 thoughts on “How to Get Back on Track and Recommit to Your Goals

  1. Honestly need to print the “What will your future self thank you for?” quote and tape it all over my apartment. I LOVE this quote. I have a bad habit of motivating myself by guilting myself. I find myself thinking things like “If I don’t get up and do this youtube workout video I’m going to feel like crap.. if I eat in bed all night while watching Hulu instead of working on a creative project I’m going to feel useless.” I’m realizing now it’s all such a negative thought pattern. I also love the reminder to start small. I set lofty goals for myself and then get upset when I don’t/can’t accomplish all I had hoped for. I’m realizing how much healthier it is to think “If I do 30 minutes of creative work tonight, I’ll feel so much more relaxed” or “if I exercise for 30 minutes I’ll feel so much stronger.” I never thought about turning my thoughts into positive motivators until reading this quote.

    I’m going to set my alarm for 30 minutes and work on a creative project, hopefully I’ll be so engrossed that I’ll continue on working! Either way my future self will be proud 🙂

  2. I have it written all over the place! It’s more of an affirmation, at this point. I’ve been doing it for so long that it really comes naturally now. New habits are hard enough…it’s important to be kind to yourself! 🙂

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