Five People Who Should Sign Up for the Work Wonders Career Bootcamp

5 People Who Should Sign Up for the Work Wonders Career Bootcamp!

I’ve worked with dozens of job seekers one on one. While every person has a unique story, at the end of the day, there are a lot of common obstacles that both my clients and readers were experiencing.

Many of my clients are curious about the possibility of changing careers, but they don’t know how to structure their career exploration in a way that yields new, actionable information.

Many other people found that their efforts simply weren’t generating the job interviews and offers that they were looking for.

And – still others, like MOST, even, were not applying to jobs at all when they first started working with me.

The idea of customizing resumes and cover letters for different positions or updating their LinkedIn profile just felt too overwhelming.

So I finally created something that I’ve been wanting to create since I launched my business.

I took my 8 week one on one program and turned it into a self paced, DIY course, The Work Wonders Career Bootcamp.

If you’ve been in the Work Wonders Community for a while, you know that this has been a long time coming. I experienced so much growth this summer that I actually had too many clients to sit down and create it!

A couple weekends ago, I finally sat down with my exercises and worksheets and put it all together to create an e-course that’s designed to get you job search ready in 30 days.

While I’m personally ready to pop open a bottle of champagne and celebrate that I finally created this, I wanted to make sure that I shared with all of you exactly who this was for.

(I’m promise that I’m totally holding off on the champagne until I am done writing this. You’ll jut have to trust me on that.)

The Work Wonders Career Bootcamp provides job seekers with really specific, customized ways to launch a strategic job search in just 30 days.

This post is about who the course is going to help the most – 1) young professionals, 2) mid career professionals, 3) chronic procrastinators, 4) career transition-er and 5) freelancers looking to return to a full time position.

#1: The young professional

Every time I’ve created a service or a resource, I’ve thought about what I wish I had access to about 10 years ago. 

Young professionals face tons of obstacles at work. I really wish that I would have invested in time with a career coach much earlier, to help me better understand my strengths and to push me to explore the best ways to use them.

Even though most of my clients have at least 7-10 years of work experience, I am always thinking about folks just starting their careers.

Young professionals will benefit from the Work Wonders Bootcamp because they’ve likely spent the last 20+ years receiving career advice that’s, well, a little old school.

This course isn’t going to give you a boring resume template and tell you what to wear to your interviews.

This course is going to give you a blueprint that you can follow for the rest of your career.

Plus, you’re going to learn to make the most of the experience that you do have.

Even when you’re not actively job searching, you’ll learn how to initiate and nurture your professional network, how to update your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile that will resonate will maximize your experience (even experience you’ve had from courses, travel abroad, and internships) and that will resonate with the right employers.

You’ll also learn how to pivot as your interests evolve (spoiler alert: you’re interests are definitely going to evolve). And if you’re currently job seeking as a young professional, you’ll have a step by step process you can get started with right away.

#2: The mid career professional

They’ve paid their dues and they are ready for more. More responsibility, more money, more room to grow.

And they’re also looking for less.

Less…well, less stuff that they don’t like.

While young professionals can seem timid and know they just need to “get a foot in the door”, mid career professionals are done “paying their dues” are really ready to take advantage of their skills and talents.

And I can’t say that I blame them. You get sick of the crap and you hit a place where you’re ready to be taken seriously.

But just wanting to take your career to the next level doesn’t mean that it’s easy.

I firmly believe that this part of your career is when you must reclaim control of your career and take ownership of not just your work – but really take ownership of your expertise.

Mid career professionals are struggling to feeling confident in what they’ve done and clarity about what they want so it’s not surprising that they struggle to communicate their talents and desires to potential new employers.

The Work Wonders Career Bootcamp is designed to these problems.

We’ll do one week of structured career coaching and exploration, so that you can dig into your work history, start processing all that you’ve learned (which is a ton – trust me!) and where you want to go next.

These kind of clients are going to experience tremendous growth and potential for change when they’re able to tap into and focus on what they’re great at and as they move into positions that more readily align with their talents.

Trust me, I see it all of the time.

#3: The procrastinator

If you’re the kind of person who complains about your current job, who scrolls through job sites endlessly, bookmarks interesting jobs to “apply to later” or “to think about,” but you never get around to actually applying to jobs, this course is for you.

The truth is nobody needs to spend hours and hours preparing for their job search.

But since it feels that way, it can be really hard to just get started.

Where procrastinators really struggle is breaking the job search process into actionable and achievable steps.

So I did that for you with 15 lessons and action items delivered straight to your inbox over 30 days.

There’s a reason the materials is delivered this way. It helps you set reasonable goals for your work and reasonable expectations for your job search. I’ve even included some self-care and time management practices right into the course because I believe it’s that important to your success.

#4: The career transition-er

This is another one of my favorite types of clients.

They are full of talent, ambition and unique experiences – and they have no idea how to tell a story about their skills that transcends their current field or industry OR how to explore their options.

Not only do I provide several days worth of activities to help you identify and communicate your experience, you’l also benefit from the structured career exploration and the customized networking exercises.

Leveraging your network is an especially important strategy for people making a major career change.

Many people avoid “networking” but I have templates and unique networking tactics so that you can implement a strategy that will work for you, your career and your personality.

#5: The freelancer returning to an office job

For creative types who have spent a period of time working for themselves, but are now looking to return to a day job, the Work Wonders Career Bootcamp is going to help you share your experience with potential employers in a compelling and honest way that highlights your skill set and experience.

Freelancers returning to a traditional day job need to have the right skills and experience AND the ability to convince hiring managers that you’re a great fit for. They also need to leverage their network to help them get back into the workforce.

Successful freelancers must be strategic storytellers who are able to turn their solo ventures into an asset for a team environment in an office.

The Bootcamp will definitely help you craft your story, taken ownership of your skills and learn how channel all of that into a job that’s a great fit and a team that will appreciate what you’ve accomplished on your own.

You can purchase your copy of the Work Wonders Career Bootcamp via out Shopify Store by clicking below!

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