You are 8 weeks away from being a confident and savvy job seeker.


You take your work seriously and you want to take your next step, but you’re struggling with confusion and lack of confidence.

It’s time for a job that honors your strengths, skills and values.

Even though you know you’re a hard worker, your current role isn’t right for you and you feel stuck, un-motivated and unsure how to move forward

  • You’d like to pursue a transition or growth opportunity but you don’t feel confident that you’ll be a stand-out candidate
  • You haven’t updated your resume/cover letter/LinkedIn profile since your last job search and you’re not confident that they’re doing you any favors
  • You’ve told yourself you’re looking for a new job but you’re mostly just being stressed out and unhappy in the one you have.

The truth is that wishing and hoping (and stressing) isn’t going to land you a new job.

You need coaching for clarity + confidence plus a healthy does of career + job search strategy so you can pursue your passions and take your next step.


 And I can help.

 I’m Jenn and I help people land new jobs and get more done.


Like you, I’ve spent too much time in the wrong job – costing me money, doubting my own talents, and zapping me of energy for the rest of my life. 

For the last three years, I’ve worked one-on-one with creative and talented professionals just like you launch job searches that yield interviews and offers so they can do their best work and live their best life.

Here’s what it means to launch a job search with confidence:

  • Learn how to explore and identify career opportunities that are a great match for you – now and in the future
  • When an *amazing* job gets posted you know exactly how to customize your resume and cover letter to share the most important experiences 
  •  You’re not afraid to reach out to new contacts or ask for help because you’ll know exactly what to say and how to follow up
  • No more scrolling endlessly through job sites. You’ll have a custom plan to figure out your exact next steps
  •  You know exactly what you have to offer  AND how to communicate it in writing and in person throughout the job search process

You can do all of this in 8 weeks with Elevate, a career coaching and strategy program that focuses on boosting your confidence and your career.

Here are the details:

  • You’ll submit your current resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile for review before we even meet.
  • A Welcome Session
  • 4 Strategy Sessions
  • Weekly email support
  • You’ll complete career + confidence boosting exercises between our sessions  
  • We’ll de-brief together to look for key patterns 
  • We’ll use career coaching to help hone in on your strengths and goals
  • You’ll revise your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile so that you’re an excellent match for your ideal positions
  • You’ll get feedback on your revisions to help you feel clear + confident about your direction and each application you submit
  • We’ll work together to create a roadmap for the rest of your job search so that you’re prepared for pretty much anything that comes your way
  • You get all this for two monthly payments of $375

You’ll also get lifetime access to the Work Wonders Career Bootcamp.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is this program for?

Elevate is designed to help you a) launch your job search and b) boost your confidence so you know how to navigate career transitions and growth like a boss.

It’s ideally suited for mid career professionals seeking a career change or leadership position, folks who have been in the wrong job for too long and lost sight of their values and strengths and/or ambitious professionals looking for coaching + strategy as they start up their job search.

      2. What if I decide that I want to work with you even longer than the 8 weeks?

No problem! Renew your package for continued support or apply the sessions and investment you’ve already made towards Transform, my six month career coaching, strategy and work-life balance option.


     4. How do I choose between Elevate and your other packages?

Elevate is for people who are pretty good at implementing once they have a plan, but need some coaching, support, and strategy to feel confident about their process.

If you have trouble meeting goals, if you have multiple conflicting priorities and you’re feeling burned out, Transform offers more support and accountability for a longer period of time.

If you’re a total go-getter, with just a few questions and concerns, Launch may be the perfect fit.

The best way to find out which option matches your needs is to schedule a Career Consult and we’ll figure it out together.

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