What You Can Expect for 2017

We're getting ready to help you make 2017 the best year yet.

Most people I know are beyond ready to turn the page on 2016, but I won’t spend anymore time re-capping all of the things that made this year feel so long + stressful. Instead, I want to share with you what you can expect from Work Wonders in 2017.

The Work Wonders Career Bootcamp is getting a *huge* upgrade. Earlier this year, I created an e-course that walks participants through the same process that I would complete with a one on one client who needed a boost of career confidence and clarity. Creating a digital product at a lower price point was a huge goal for me and I’m so proud of the folks who’ve completed the Bootcamp!

Right now, the lessons are delivered via email, every other day for 30 days. But starting next month, I’ll be offering the course with on an e-learning platform and the lessons will now be in the form of mini video workshops. And…there will also be an online community for participants so that you don’t have to feel like you’re doing all of this work on your own!

Already purchased the Bootcamp? You’ll be upgraded automatically. The price of the upgraded Bootcamp will be going up to $99, but if you buy the e-course before 12/31, you can lock in the current price of $69.

I’m excited to share that I’ll be the career blogger over at Just Us GalsI just completed an interview with them (I’ll link back to it when it’s up!) and I’ll eventually be taking career + productivity questions from their readers.

Work Wonders is on Instagram. And I’m planning on using IG to coach + support you through your 2017 New Years Resolutions, starting in January with a month long challenge. More details are coming soon – but make sure to follow us for more details!

We’re growing. With a Gilt City Boston collaboration launching later this week, we’re expecting to be busy once the new year starts. You’re going to be seeing some new faces + new collaborations as we begin the new year and I could not be more excited for that. December has already been our best month yet and we’re not even half way through.

I have a few more secrets up our sleeves. One of them might rhyme with shmodcast.

2016 was a long year but we’re committed to holding a place for your goals in the next years.

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