Simple starting steps.

Clarity inducing journal prompts.

Confidence boosting exercises.

Yes, please!

If you’re ready for looking forward to a work-life refresh in the new year, but you’re not exactly sure where to start or you could use some inspiration to jumpstart your effort, you’re in the right place.I wrote the How to Work Wonders: 2017 Action Guide for ambitious and creative profssionals who are ready for some big changes, but need a little bit of help with…

  • How to get started (especially if you’re not sure exactly what you want)
  • Busting up some myths about work + life you that might be preventing you from moving forward
  • Telling the truth about what you want out of work + life, even when it’s hard (and it usually is!)
  • Creating boundaries to protect your time + energy for your 2017 goals
  • How to stay committed (once the momentum of the new year starts to fade…which is usually a lot sooner than you think!)


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