5 Career Mistakes You Might Be Making Right Now

5 Career Mistakes You Could Be Making Right Now

You might not be looking for a job right now, but you might be making some career mistakes that can make your job search more difficult in the future.

I tell all of my clients that my services are focused on teaching you long term career development strategies.

But most people only think about their career when they decide they need a new job.

And that’s a mistake. And depending on how long it’s been since your last job search, that could mean a lot of work before you’re really ready to start your job search.

So for all of you at home, happy at work, here’s a list of thing you’ll want to start scheduling regularly into your schedule!

You’re not reviewing and updating your skills regularly

I update my LinkedIn profile quarterly with new responsibilities, skills, etc. I write these appointments with myself in my calendar and it only takes about 30 minutes to review any new projects I’ve worked on or skills that I’ve learned.

Don’t just think about the obvious things you’re doing! Take note of the special projects or extra tasks that might be beyond your typical job description. Focus on what you’re learning.

You’re not networking

People can be pretty resistant to networking but do you know when networking is actually the easiest?

When you don’t need a damn thing!

Love your job? Great. You should still be connecting and growing with others. You may really benefit from a larger network in the future but right now you’re in a position to be a great mentor or offer insight to new connections.

You’re not learning

Loving your current job is no reason to stop pursuing your education.

Staying on top of trends in your field, soft skills and even developing skills you might need in the future is a great way to stay inspired and motivated.

Are there areas of curiosity that you would like to explore? How can you start doing that now?

You’re not stepping outside of your comfort zone

When you love your job, it’s probably because it’s a great fit.

But you might find that you’re not challenged to step out of your comfort zone. How can you continue to challenge yourself to grow, both in the office and out?

You’re not thinking about what’s next

There’s always a next step. Even if you’re not ready to take it, it’s always useful to have a mentor who is a step or two ahead of you, that can offer advice and ways to explore what your next step might be so that you can be prepared!

You don’t have to be on the job market to be ready to be on the job market. Scheduling time into your work and life to think about these things now will save you time and energy down the road!

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